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Thinking about a Casino Party?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Adding a casino to your event is a great way to entertain your guests whether it is just for fun, or you want a fun way to earn tickets for your raffle prizes. Our team of experienced dealers come dressed in tuxedo attire and will walk your guests through each game. We specialize in Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold Em Poker, and Blackjack. We bring everything needed and set it up prior to your event start time and take care of everything. If you are new to hosting this type of event we can also walk you through how to incorporate it into your event.

We also have one of the most attractive photo booths around, top notch DJ's ready to design the music around your preferences and theme, walk around magicians, staged shows, virtual reality, and much much more. Do you have a themed event? Let us know and we can offer tailored services just for you.

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