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Balloon Twisting



$150 an Hour

We specialize in making balloons quickly when needed! If you are expecting hundreds of guests who all would like a balloon then we can help. Our signs are easy to see so the kids know what they would like before it is their turn and have a "fast menu" of our tried and true popular designs that are quick to make. We have several balloon artists if your event needs more than one twister.



$150 an Hour

We are professional and insured! We can accommodate fast balloons as well as detailed mind blowing balloons. The kids love to bring their ideas to life as well as hanging out with Rainbow Joe or our other artists. We can provide several talented artists if needed and we know when to switch to quicker designs to manage the line. We love to make unique balloons to fit themes and holidays.



$150 an Hour

We love to make balloons to match your theme! Birthday parties are the best because the kids crowd around engaging with us challenging us with their creativity and ideas. We like to make interactive balloons such as dolls, Thor axes, jet packs, etc. so the kids can play for hours on end. 

$50 Add On Package:

A large detailed balloon for the birthday kid and 3 table decorations to match your theme.

Face Painting          Waterproof Airbrush Tattoos        Inflatables           Bubble Mania          Pony Rides       Photo Booth

Don't forget....

Balloon Decor Arches, Towers, Backdrops,

We do large scale 
Balloon Decor!

Call us for a consultation!

Our professional design coordinator can go over options and designs to help bring your vision to life. 

  • Arches

  • Demi Arches

  • Columns

  • Backdrops

  • Centerpieces

  • Main Attractions

  • More

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