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Ideas for Planning your Easter Event

Updated: Feb 2

You've been put in charge of planning an Easter event and are looking for some fun activities for the kids. Here are a few ideas to help you with activities for your party, whether it be for a church, school, daycare, community event, or even your company or store.

7 Easter Party Activities

  1. Easter Bunny Visit. What could be better than having the iconic character himself attend your party! Easter Bunny costumes are easy to come by, especially on Amazon. Check out this costume here. Easter Bunnies are the hit of the party. They can greet your guests as they come in, pose for photos, and lead games. You can also hire a professional entertainer Easter Bunny here.

  2. Easter Egg Hunt. This may be the highlight all of the kids are looking forward to. They key is to making it fun for everyone, including the little ones. Some people color code the eggs by age so everyone has an opportunity to find just as many eggs, and others give the younger kids a head start. Another twist is to make the hunting a relay race and mixing different ages on teams. The teams can search for eggs in certain areas, but have to do things like balance it on a spoon, walk backwards, etc. to get it back and tag the next team member.

  3. Photo Area. Everyone is usually dressed in their best for this holiday and spending time as a family, so it is the perfect time for taking pictures. You can set up a decorated area for your guests to take selfies, or you can hire a photo booth company to bring a backdrop and professional photographer to print pictures at the party like this one. Be sure to throw the Easter Bunny in there if he made it to the party.

  4. Petting Zoo. I have seen the cutest set ups at churches where members of the church brought in farm animals from their farms and set up an area with hay and a fence and let the kids pet the animals. Check out this petting zoo, nativity animals, or pony or unicorn rides.

  5. Face Painting. This has become more and more popular at Easter events by the year. Anyone can paint some form of flower on the cheek with the right materials. Well, almost anyone. You'll want to be careful on what paints to buy. Just because you can find them on the market, doesn't mean they are FDA approved in the US for going on the skin. I recommend this inexpensive Snazaroo face paint kit. It has been on the market forever and is completely safe. You can find many Youtube videos showing how to face paint. My favorite is Shawna Fae, and here is her 3 Most Popular Designs video. You can also hire a professional face painter. The faster ones can paint up to 40 amazing looking Easter face paint designs. You can even hire Shawna Fae if she is available, or another one of her talented colleagues here.

  6. Cupcake Decorating. This is always a hit and serves as dessert too. It can be messy, so be sure to have a volunteer man the station for those kids that wander over without a parent. Here is a fun video on tips and ideas for decorating cupcakes.

  7. Rent a bounce house. This will steal the show and you'll have a hard time getting most of the kids to do the other activities. You can rent a bounce house here. If you are planning a large event, you'll want to consider renting something like an obstacle course or slide. Kids can cycle through those quickly without having to wait for other kids to get off, and you won't have to worry about the little ones getting hurt jumping at the same time as the older rowdier kids. You can rent larger inflatables here, or request a full price menu of all of our services here.

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