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Face Painting

Long before Earth Fairy Entertainment was an entertainment business, it was a simple face painting business for myself. I have been face painting for 18 years and still love doing it to this day. I have a few talented artists I work with and we take this art to the next level by using stencils, bling, assorted brushes and tools, fine cosmetic glitter, chunky festival glitter, etc. You can tell we love what we do by our portable makeup stations and the quantity of high quality FDA face paint in our kits, because, of course we need every color ever made! These tools make us faster at painting, and make the outcome stunning.

Our set up will fit right in with a fancy gala, and our love of children fits right in to cozy birthday parties. Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions, and hopefully we will have the chance to work with you!

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