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Singing Telegrams

Book a custom tailored singing or non-singing telegram starting at $115. These are great for pranks, birthday parties, corporate birthdays or going away parties, get well soon, miss you, or wedding proposal, etc.

$115 Basic - A telegrammer in a hat and vest sings a custom song or delivers a custom poem to the guest of honor. There are some costumes available for this. We can make it classy, embarrassing, personal, or however you would like it played out.

$165 Complete Package - All of the above, with the addition of delivering a balloon bouquet, decorating the guest of honor with a birthday sash, hat, glasses, etc. Telegrammer will also pass our party favors to whoever is around, and a keepsake with a picture of your choice and the custom lyrics/poem will be given to the guest of honor.

$165 Repeating Telegram (AKA Annoying Telegram)- Just when you think the telegram is over they appear again in a different costume with a different routine, and repeats like this for the course of an hour. A popular finale is a man dressed like Marilyn Monroe. You can add the complete package to this for an addtl $40.

$165 Character Telegram - You may opt to keep your telegram for a full hour to continue to entertain the guest of honor and guests while staying in their character. You can add the complete package to this for an addtl $40.

Some popular characters we offer are Marilyn Monroe, SpiderMan, a chicken, a banana, most Disney princesses, hula girl, Batman, Sasquatch, monkey in a pink tutu, SuperMan, Mickey, Minnie, or Elmo look alikes, a german man in lederhosen, a fairy, pirate, Mary Poppins, Easter Bunny, Santa, elf, clown, unicycle rider, Pikachu, Madonna, a bag lady, a Jedi, and we keep adding more by the day.

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