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Snow Much Joy Balloon Installation

Hey All! I hope you're having a great holiday season! Here is one of our amazing artists Kameron Messmer's new balloon installation, it's free! Stop by! Spread the word! Love!!!

"Snow much Joy" is a huge, interactive, immersive, art installation created by Kameron Messmer in collaboration with Portland Playhouse in an effort to create joy and wonder in our community and world.

HOSTED BY PORTLAND PLAYHOUSE DURING THEIR 2021 RUN OF “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” Ticket holders can experience it for free before and after the performance. between 7-8pm for evening performances and 2-3pm for matinees. Open to the public by donations. People leave saying: “It’s a WONDERLAND” “Awesome” “Mesmerizing” “It’s Magic” “Snow much Joy” takes you to a world of light and snow as you walk inside a giant “Snow Globe” filled with HUNDREDS of flying balloons! Crawl inside a balloon igloo and take home a photo with a giant snowman with the brand new touchless photo booth! Join us this December at the Portland Playhouse during the 2021 production of “A Christmas Carol” inside a once in a lifetime art installation experience. See

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