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A glimpse into the life of a Super Hero

I have the privilege of scouting out talent to portray the many characters and services we offer. I look for a few things: talent obviously, an enjoyment of people/children, professionalism, and then there is reliability. I feel completely blessed and appreciative of the people I work with and the many services we are able to offer. This is a glimpse from one of our super heroes into his routine, and yes you can request him specifically by referring to this post!

I get the fabulous opportunity to play Spiderman and Batman occasionally for children's parties. (Earth Fairy Entertainment oversees this - contact them if you know of someone who wants a superhero, princess, or almost any kind of exciting party addition!) Wed, Thu & Fri I worked back-to-back shifts for a church party. The kids ranged from 2 to 12, and they were super-excited to have a superhero party. Lots of them dressed up. The pastor announced that Spiderman was coming, and got the kids all chanting, "SPIDERMAN!" Then I crept in the door, dive-rolled, and paused in a Spiderman pose. There was a moment of silence, and then thunderous shouting from excited children. I rolled in closer, did a cartwheel, and paused in another Spiderman pose as the kids gathered close - super-excited, but also nervous. Costumes that hide your face are *creepy*. But we've all been trained from a very young age to trust our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman, so they eventually warm up. I did a Crane-press to handstand in a back-arch, walked on hands for a bit, then popped back up to Spiderman pose. At this point, even the older kids were losing their look of pessimism. Then I did a standing back tuck, and *bam* - virtually every doubt was banished. It's hard to see a Spiderman suit do a backflip and not believe it's really Spiderman. I did some acrobatic training with them... somersaults, handstands, shoulder-rolls, stuff like that. Then I lifted them up in a variety of ways, spun them, flipped them, and swung them around. After that it was picture-time, with a big group picture followed by individual selfies with Spiderman. It's super-fun. :) I get some hilarious comments and questions. I've got answers for the most common questions, ready to fire right back at 'em.

Kid - "Can you shoot webs?" Spiderman - "I only wear my webslingers when fighting crime. Otherwise I'd get webs all over and someone would have to clean it up, and that's not very nice." Kid - "Can you climb the wall?" Spiderman - "Of course! But some walls aren't strong enough to hold Spiderman, and I don't want to break the wall in here." (If I'm outside, I just climb a wall for them, and that works better.) Kid - "You're not real!" Spiderman - *pokes kid in chest* "YOU'RE not real!" *kid grins* Kid - "How did you get here?" Spiderman - "I brought my costume and changed out in the hall. I took an Uber to get here." *adults in room chuckle*

After about an hour, the pastor announced that a call came in for Spiderman to go stop a crime spree, and I waved goodbye to the kids and rushed off... the dressing room, where I peeled off the sweat-soaked Spidersuit and cooled off for ten minutes before climbing into the even-stuffier Batman costume. After snack-time, the kids again chant, this time, "BATMAN!" Batman steps into the room (from a different door; gotta do everything I can to keep 'em from wondering if Spiderman is Batman, too.) There's silence for a moment, then lots of happy shouts. Batman stomps forward ominously, and poses with fists on hips. Then comes the barrage of questions. Kid - "Did you drive the Batmobile?" or "Where's Robin?" Batman - "Robin is out cruising in the Batmobile, in case there's crime to fight. We can't both take time off at the same time or the villains will all get away." Kid - "Can you fly?" Batman - "I glide with my cape." Kid - "Then jump off of the stage and glide." Batman - "It's not high enough. I glide from the tops of buildings." Kid - "Did you fight the Joker?" Batman - "Yes! I keep locking him up in Arkham Asylum, but he keeps escaping!" Kid - "Are you Spiderman?" Batman (looking around) - "Spiderman was here? I didn't see him." (I try hard to avoid straight-out lying whenever possible. It's usually possible to redirect and deceive. Bruce Wayne has some political skillz, yo.)

Playing Superheroes for kids' parties is one of my favorite things to do. :) It's also fun to watch the parents eyeing me speculatively as I lift their kids up and fling them about. I imagine that there's a lot of wondering, "What kind of adult dresses up as Spiderman for a living?" I'd feel silly, but honestly, my dream was to grow up to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, so I'm tickled pink to incarnate Spidey and Batman. And the adoration & excitement in their little eyes... it's really humbling & wonderful. Everyone should get a chance to be a superhero for kids, once in their life. It's good stuff.


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