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Singing Telegrams in the Portland Oregon area

We offer a full range of telegrams in the Portland area, including singing telegrams, character telegrams, annoying telegrams, Valnetine's Day and Christmas telegrams. We welcome your ideas for tailoring the experience and enjoy making the telegram as personal as possible. Here are our most popular telegrams.

Basic - A telegrammer in a hat and vest sings a custom song or delivers a custom poem to the guest of honor. There are several other costumes available for this too. We can make it classy, embarrassing, funny, or however you would like it played out. Complete Package - All of the above, with the addition of delivering a balloon bouquet, decorating the guest of honor with a birthday sash, hat, glasses, etc. Telegrammer will also pass our party favors to whoever is around, and a keepsake with a picture of your choice and the custom lyrics/poem will be given to the guest of honor. Repeating Telegram (AKA Annoying Telegram)- Just when you think the telegram is over they appear again in a different costume with a different routine, and then… repeats like this for the course of an hour. A popular finale is a man dressed like Marilyn Monroe, but of course you choose the costumes and acts. You can add the complete package to this for an addtl $40. Character Telegram - You may opt to keep your telegram for a full hour to continue to entertain the guest of honor and guests while staying in character. You can add the complete package to this for an addtl $40. Some popular characters we offer are Marilyn Monroe, SpiderMan, impersonators for most Disney princesses, hula girl, Batman, Sasquatch, Monkey in a pink tutu, SuperMan, Mickey, Minnie, or Elmo look alikes, a german man in lederhosen, a fairy, pirate, Easter Bunny, Santa, elf, clown, unicycle rider, Pikachu, Madonna, a Jedi, and we keep adding more by the day. If you have an idea, please let us know.

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